Saturday, March 05, 2011

Part Two of our Cabin Adventure

We woke up Wednesday morning to an incredible view out front. Still a little hazy but the morning sunshine on Denali was incredible. Even the girls were amazed.

This picture had so much potential. So upset it's a little out of focus. Still a cute kid though.

So after a slow morning, we headed into Talkeetna. Just around the corner we found this view of Denali. Incredible.

Inside Talkeetna we were treated to this view!

The next couple of hours were the worst part of our mini-vacation. I did not bring a charger for the camera battery. Taking long exposure pictures when it's 15 degrees outside for 3 hours evidently takes a toll on a battery. Who knew, right?!! So during the day, we found a place in Wasilla that sold batteries and a charger so we drove the 70 miles back to town to pick it up. Thanks to Sam and Dave helping us out. After a lunch in beautiful downtown Wasilla (barf), we headed back to the cabin and took a walk around the area.

Just in case you thought Katy might be losing her stuff...she pulls a stunt like this and TOTALLY REDEEMS HERSELF!!! Lisa tells Katy to freeze and this is the pose we get. Awesome.

Looks at those eyes!!

The snow was probably 2.5 to 3 feet deep. I thought this was a cool shot of snow stacking up on a stump.

Back at the house, the girls were playing with the owners grand-daughter and the dogs...and....BUBBLES!!

Another glorious sunset in the books.

So after our huge side trip to get a new battery and charger, we were determined to stay up late and watch the aurora. Only problem, it wasn't nearly as active. It got going just enough that we packed up the girls and took them to a spot with a great view. We stayed there for about 45 minutes...and this is the only decent picture I got. A little disappointed.

Thursday morning. Time for some more bubbles and another walk before heading into town for lunch at the Roadhouse!

This might be the photo of the trip! I'd even put it up for an early contender for photo of the year! Wow!!

Bridge at Montana Creek. Going to have to come back here in the fall and so some fishing! It looked like a beautiful creek.

After an awesome lunch at the Roadhouse in Talkeetna, we made the 2+ hour drive back home. Amazing adventure!

If you're looking for a nice get-away, check out My Cabin.

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