Saturday, March 12, 2011

Epic journey!!!

Yesterday, I checked off a top 5 from my bucket list! A good friend Dave took me and my buddy Andy out snow machining! What a freaking adventure!!

I tried a new app that Lisa K told me about, it uses GPS to track the trip and then plots it on Google Maps. I can also import pictures and do lots of other cool stuff. There's even an animation that plots the speed and elevation. Really a cool app!!

Check it out here.

Snow machine trip with Dave and Andy

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Anchorage, Alaska

The trail out to the "playground" area was about 7 miles! It was a ROUGH trail that really beat us up. Unfortunately, I forgot about the every trail app until we had already done quite a bit of exploring. Dave tells us that according to his GPS, we logged 42 miles!! So I'm VERY sore today!

Anyway, this first pic was taken as we headed up this awesome hill away from the playground. I looked up and saw Andy tumbling in the snow as his machine slowly came to a stop. So I stopped and took a picture of where Andy fell off and where his machine ended up.

You can tell from this picture, it was GORGEOUS! I have never seen landscape like this. Just blew my mind.

Dave on his sled.

We started taking turns making this little jump. Andy went first.

Now it's Dave's turn. Just for background, Dave is a complete ANIMAL on snow machines. He owns something like 8 (3 of them vintage) and is always looking for an excuse to go ride. He even races his vintage sleds. So this little could say that Dave is in his element!

Another couple of early contenders for picture of the year!! I LOVE these two pictures!

Now it's my turn! Being my first time ever, I was a bit tentative (for good reason, I almost seriously injured myself). Doesn't mean I wasn't having fun. I was having a BLAST!

I like this one a lot that Andy took of me.

Didn't catch quite as much air as Dave and Andy.

Lunch break.

We split up for a while. I found some really nice untouched snow and on my way back to tell the guys I stopped to take in the scenery. My view.

I have lots more photos to share...just getting too late right now. The best scenery was yet to come!!

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Anonymous said...

Next you'll be driving a dog sl3ed with Lisa and the girls as Passengers to the top of McKinley! Bet that would be much, much quieter and better to enjoy the solitude and natural beauty!