Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Iditarod 2011 Ceremonial Start

Saturday morning, we got all dressed up to go to our favorite spot to see the ceremonial start of the Iditarod. We've done the downtown thing once and much prefer a little bit further down the trail where there is abundant parking and much less people. Not to mention you can get up close and personal with the dogs.

I have always loved the display of crazy hats and coats during the festivities.

The mushers throw old booties out to the kids along the trail. Our girls did really well this year!

I ran back to the car and missed this guy stop his team right in front of Lisa and the girls. Yes he's wearing a kilt!

Getting ready for some hot chocolate.

We saw mushers 28 through 63 come through. The girls lost interest for a while and just started playing in the snow. This is Katy trying to throw some on the camera.

Kendra and Malena joined us! It was Malena's first Iditarod. She was pretty excited!

My daughter has a real drinking problem.

Love this picture!

This is the girls loot!

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Marsha said...

Love it all and thanks for sharing!