Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Iphone pics... take 2

This could take a while. Did I mention Lisa had over 500 pictures on her iphone?!! Well, I'm picking through them pretty fast. Here is the next batch.

Back before Lisa's epic journey to Oregon, we worked on what the girls wanted to dress up for Halloween. They wanted to be cowgirls in the spirit of one of their favorite character from the movie Toy Story, Jessie. This isn't the complete outfit (you'll see that in another few days) but this was pretty cute. They were SO excited to be cowgirls!

Time to take their horsey for a ride.

I have some vicious wrestlers!

One of my faves. Lisa posted this on facebook. If you don't know, Lisa and I met in high school. She was in the drill team and I was in the marching band (a drummer, of course). So we thought it was hilarious that one of our girls dressed up all cute and was dancing around while the other went and grabbed the drum. This was all them.

The day that Lisa and the girls left for their trip, we tried to figure out a way to save some money on travel. This worked out well.

Their plane left after midnight so we let them sleep from about 8:30 until 10:30 and then headed up to the airport. We thought they would be groggy but NOPE! ...they were SO excited to get on that plane!! I was very fortunate to get a gate pass so I could go through security and help them to the plane.

I almost teared up when I got these pictures Lisa sent from the plane. I was so proud of my big girls! ...Lisa too. :)

Arriving very early in the morning and waiting for their luggage. They were very concerned about the luggage!

So many pictures taken in Oregon while Lisa and the girls visited "Aunt" Micki. I'll get to those in the next couple of days. In the mean time, here is what we did on our day off...took the girls to Bouncing Bears. Not sure who was having more fun here.

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