Sunday, November 14, 2010

wow it's been a month!

Ok...I got called out on facebook today. It's been a month since my last post. Unbelievable! Where has the time gone? Well...I'll tell you what happened. Iphones! Yeah, Lisa and I got Iphones and it's kinda changed the way we do things around here. All of our pictures and videos have been taken on the phones lately and either text'd back and forth or posted on facebook. I've done a terrible job keeping up with the blog since that happened.

So the other night I finally downloaded the hundreds of pictures from the phones. I'll start catching up with those. Sorry if some of you have already seen these posted somewhere else.

This goes way back to before the snow arrived and the leaves were still changing.

LOVE this picture. Not bad for a phone!!

The girls have discovered ice cream. Oh boy.

First haircut at a salon!

There was a funnier picture taken moments before this one. This was just a few minutes after A&M lost a tough football game and I was pretty upset. We decided to tackle the pumpkins and I was in the perfect mood to stab some unsuspecting victims. The picture that Lisa deleted...well, I it was similar to this except I had a little more emotion behind the knife. And the girls face was more fear then curiosity. Still, this is pretty funny.

Many of you know we had to take the girls in for allergy testing. We decided to run the full test and it was pretty tough on the girls. Heck, it was tough on us too.

This was a few moments after the 40 pricks. Katy screamed but Alyssa was very brave. But Alyssa had a much more severe reaction to peanuts so the next 20 minutes were pretty miserable while we waited.

This one, you can see how she was trying hard to move around and get comfortable while the prick on her right side was really itching. She was a trooper.

Soon after...Benadryl and some relief. We were doing everything to help them including giving them our phones to play any game they wanted. It actually did help.

So yes Alyssa has a pretty severe allergy to peanuts. We are going to treat them both the same so there's no accidental encounter. As much as that sucked, I'm glad we know for sure.

Next, I'll share the pictures from our huge adventure down to the lower 48! I went on a 2 week business trip (2 different workshops) while Lisa took the girls to see "Aunt" Micki near Portland.

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Honey said...

SOOOOOO glad you are back on the blog. I never see enough pictures of y'all!