Saturday, June 26, 2010

Step one: put the bird in the box.

Step two: Open the box!

Alright, I'll start from the beginning. Today, Lisa and a few of our friends went down to Eagle River Nature Center to watch an eagle be released. AWESOME! Apparently they do this every year but just haven't seen it advertised until this year. I was unfortunately working but Lisa called around and was able to interest the next door neighbors and our friend Kendra and her baby Malena to join her out there.

Too bad it was cloudy but ... sorry I know I keep mentioning this ... but our camera is awesome! Lisa took some phenomenal pictures today!! So happy with my wife's efforts today. Well done, Lisa!

The box.

Here comes the eagle!

Ladies posing in front of the eagle that was not being released. It was there for support I guess.

Kendra and Malena in front of the eagle. Lisa says Kendra was a real trooper. She's still getting over a cold but came out and roughed it. Way to go Kendra! Hope you feel better soon.

Love this!

The scene right after the release.

When we were looking at the pictures together after they got home, I made the comment "Wow! That is a big bird!". Alyssa laughs and says..."No Daddy. That isn't Big Bird." Classic.

Piling back into the Durango to head home. You know, it's not a mini-van but it sure is roomy!


Dad said...

Great job on the photos, Lisa! And very thoughtful (although very characteristic of you) to take the girls to see this really neat event. I encourage you to keep memories of times like this alive by showing the girls the photos and movies often. My earliest memories are from about age 4 to 6, but with frequent reinforcement, I think the girls will be able to remember this and other experiences they've had for the rest of their lives.

Andrew and Kendra said...

Yay we made a cameo appearance on the Brown blog! :) We really enjoyed our day with you ladies! (despite Malena's "help me" expression in a couple of the pictures :) ) What an awesome event! Love the Big Bird pun. :)