Friday, June 11, 2010

Long break over!

Ok, I took another long break after 6 weeks of posting straight. I think I did something similar last year. But we're back.

To catch you up, Lisa has been recovering slowly. Lisa's mom was here for a couple weeks but left a while ago. It was VERY fortunate that Eileen had planned her trip when she did. She was extremely helpful helping us get our house back in shape while Lisa put her feet up as much as possible. It was sad to see her go.

Lisa is getting more and more mobile every day. She started physical therapy this week and is making lots of progress. She is down to one crutch most of the time and can take a few ginger steps in the boot. We'll be back to normal summertime fun soon enough.

I have been doing a little fishing for king salmon downtown. The last 2 mornings, I tried my luck but no success like last year. I'm planning on going down to the Kenai early next week to catch some reds...we'll see how that goes.

Other big news is I took the plunge and got contacts. With fishing around the corner, I can't wear sunglasses like I want to. I NEED sunglasses! Also biking and working out...not fun to do while wearing glasses. So I'm currently wearing them for only the second time and not adjusting fast enough. I'm sure my eyes will adjust...but I'm not enjoying it so far.

I've been meaning to share the pictures from the rest of our trip down to Seward. I'm about to head to work so no time for that now, but I do have a video of the girls antics this evening. They were taking turns dancing/singing on "the big stage."

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John said...

Watch out for the restrictions on the Kenai. It is catch and release for anything from 20"-55" as of the 12th.