Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another First!

Today, I decided to not go fishing (2nd Wednesday in a row) but instead stay home with the family. We made the most of it. We had a slow morning because we knew we'd have to stay up through the nap to go see TOY STORY 3!! We've known for months that this was going to be there first movie theater experience. They completely ate up the first two movies when we got them on blu ray a couple months ago so we thought we might be at the perfect age to give it a go.

We were of course a little nervous that they wouldn't want to sit still or talk really loud...but all those fears were gone as soon as they saw the theater. Their eyes were WIDE open! They LOVED IT! Just sitting in the back row taking in the preview stuff, they were overwhelmed and it was great. As soon as the movie started, they were instantly drawn in and loved every second of it.

Quick video to show how excited Alyssa was. She was flat out giddy!

Alyssa ended up sitting in my lap for the last half and snuggling so much that I thought she was sleeping but evidently she was awake the whole time. Katy couldn't get comfortable between the seat that folded up on her or standing or sitting in Lisa's lap. But she was always quiet and always paying attention to what was going on on the big screen.

Scary parts weren't too scary. They told us all about it later tonight and weren't scared...they were concerned but not scared. And by the way...GREAT movie! I don't know where it ranks in the Pixar movies (I need to soak it in and maybe see it again) but it deserves a trip...especially if you have children. AMAZING!

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