Friday, July 31, 2009

this morning's festivities

This morning, a group that sings children's music was putting on a concert on the grass by the library. We had a good size group of friends and their kids show up...13 kids in all I think. Here are some pics of all the fun we had dancing around in the grass.

Oh...well this first one is me showing some of the other kids how to do the ski jump from the Wii. A few seconds earlier, my girls were doing the same thing but of course Lisa gets a picture of only me doing it...looking like an idiot in the process.

Showing the kids my dance moves.


Honey said...

What a wonderful opportunity! Sweet, sweet pictures!

Anonymous said...

looks like "all the kids" had a great time.

Christin said...

Dance, white boy, DANCE! I agree with "anonymous"'s obvious that all the kids had a blast!

Todd S. said...

is that the chicken dance you're doing?!!!