Thursday, July 16, 2009

a fun day on the creek

...edited for typos and to add this... I forgot to mention in all this that Lisa was a ROCK STAR!! She did awesome! She hasn't been fishing since the summer of 06 and was a little anxious about getting out there and not catching anything. Clearly that was not the case and after I helped her with the first fish, she was ready to jump in and unhook it and release her fish. All in all, I think she caught 4 and I caught 7. Nate landed...well too many to count.

So I know I'm going to disappoint a few people with this post but I wanted to share some pics from our adventure today. We took off to go fishing about an hour and a half away from home. We only had a small window because our neighbors who were watching the girls had a date night planned so we had to be home by a certain time. I got my boss to cover the last 2 hours of my shift so we could get out there as early as possible. My buddy Nate met us out there and had already found a nice spot and had landed dozens of fish.

Here's a shot of the babysitters.

This spot is very popular with families because it is good and easy fishing. We saw several kids landing fish around us. It's just a great atmosphere with lots of fish to be caught. You can also actually see the fish EVERYWHERE!! We didn't take our good camera this time so didn't manage to get a good shot of the fish in the water but you could look out and see dozens of fish at any given moment...a pretty cool thing to see.

So Lisa and I weren't landing the fish right off the bat. It took us a while to fine tune our technique but once we did, the fish were ours!! Lisa landed the first one and it was game on!...or I should say FISH ON!!

I should mention that all three of us were using 5 weight fly rods which made the fight a little more exciting. As you can tell, they aren't the biggest fish but they sure are fun to fight and try to land with a light weight rod. Actually, it's a BLAST!!

So the pro fisherman, Nate, spots what appeared to me a silver salmon on the opposite bank mixed in with all of the smaller pink salmon. He started to target it and it didn't take long before he hooked and the fight was on. It went on for 15 to 20 minutes. It was AWESOME! Lisa and I stood back and watched the pro work what ended up being about a 20 pound king salmon on a 5 weight fly rod. Lisa even took a video of the last minute when he landed it and held it up. It was only then that we really got a good look at how big it was. Congrats Nate! I'm so glad we were there to witness that.

Thanks for letting me get that out of my system. I have SOOO many videos and pictures to share. As soon as I get off this stupid schedule I'll be able to post more often and catch you up on all of our adventures.


Honey said...

How many times can I use the word AWESOME when writing about one of your posts? That was an amazing video and the picutres are just truly...well...AWESOME! Dad can not wait to get there and go fishing with y'all!! Me, I'll be the photographer! Love, Mom

jhardin said...

Thanks to you and your bride for posting the vid of Nate. That's a nice fish on a 5WT! I Feel like I'm there. I'm glad you guys and gal had such a great day. I'm so glad when Nate has friends like you, that like to record the actin, I get to see the action. To get Nate to record something like this we'll need to buy him some kind of hat-mounted head cam! He doesn't have time to take pictures when he is fishing.


Amy said...

Lisa was always such a girly girl growing up with My Pretty Ponies and such--it's hard to imagine her not only catching a fish but touching it with her bare hands! :) I love ya Lisa! Very cool pics!