Sunday, July 19, 2009

more summertime fun

So much fun this summer while the weather was nice. Now that I finally washed the cars yesterday, the rain returned and it feels more like a typical Anchorage summer now. I think we went something rediculous like 20 days without rain and then I wash the cars and it rains all night and most of the day today. Perfect. Well, up until today we were making the most of our nice weather. We've been doing something exciting every day...going to the zoo, going to the park(s), bike rides, fishing, swimming (well kinda), etc. Now it's time to start catching up on some of the pictures/videos.

I can't remember if I posted any pictures of these shirts yet. Lisa made a comment a while back on Facebook referring to the girls as "Thing 1 and Thing 2". Well guess what our neigbors found while they were on vacation?

We had a stretch of warm temps where we were hitting 75 or higher for about a week. It may sound nice to you in the lower 48 but it was actually a little too hot for up here, only because we don't have an air conditioner. That makes a huge difference. Once we start getting up into the 70s, every window is opened and we start praying for a breeze. A couple of days it was a little unbearable. It was around 80 degrees in the girls room when we put them down for bed. They had a hard time going to sleep and woke up a couple times those nights. We ended up getting a nice fan for their room and putting some tin foil on the window to help keep the afternoon soon out in addition to their black out shades.

But here are some pictures of all the fun we had trying to stay cool during the day with the neigbor girls.

Well I tried to download a video but it wasn't working. I'll try again tomorrow.

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Honey said...

Such BIG girls!! Thanks for the pictures Andy! Hey, tell the girlies to look for a package from their Honey!! It's in the mail today.
ILY, Mom