Sunday, March 08, 2009

Vacation in Hawaii - Part 2

Sorry for the delay. The girls have been so sick this past week. Lisa caught it too and has been miserable. Somehow I managed to stay healthy through the whole thing. Finally the last 2 days the girls are doing better and I think Lisa turned the corner yesterday. She still doesn't have a voice and has the occasional coughing fit...but she is feeling better.

So back to the vacation. The first couple of pictures are from the evening of Day 1. There was a grassy area close to our condo overlooking the ocean. The girls had to warm up to the idea but were eventually okay with running in the grass. Actually after a while, they wouldn't stop asking to go run in the grass.

Day 2, we headed back to Lahaina to go to the aquarium. Since the girls were having a hard time outside and they LOVE fish, sharks, whales, and dophins...we figured this would be a great fit. We were right. They LOVED it!

First a quick lunch with another spectacular view of the harbor.

Here's the first picture up for "picture of the trip". This one is of Alyssa while we were getting ready to go inside.

Here is the second picture up for "Picture of the Trip". I think Lisa has said it is her favorite. It's definitely one of my top 3.


Anonymous said...

This picture is one of our favorites as well.

Karen Moise said...

Thank you for telling your miracle girls stories! As a nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital, I am dedicated to educating parents of multiples about TTTS. Your story gives me hope that the message is finally spreading! Thanks for sharing. Your girls are beautiful!