Saturday, March 28, 2009


Lisa got home Wendnesday morning and thank goodness!! The volcano has been erupting off and on since then occasionally cancelling flights to Anchorage. BUT since last night, Redoubt has been erupting almost constantly. The winds haven't been favorable for ash to make it up to Anchorage.....UNTIL NOW!!!

This afternoon, we got a call from Sam (who I am sure is posting pictures on his blog right now) to say that he could see an ash cloud to our south. So we gathered the girls and the camera and headed out to look for a cloud and do some quick grocery shopping. As we were leaving we noticed it was a bit hazy but was still unsure what we were looking at. We drove around and before long we were sure what we were looking at was ash. Cars were kicking up stuff of the road but what convinced us was driving by a local lake that is still covered in ice and was obviously discolored. WHOAH!!!

So we got to the store and watched as ash was obviously blowing off of the roof of the store. We decided that the girls shouldn't go out into the ash and since Lisa knew what we were shopping for, she volunteered to run through it to get inside.

So as I was sitting there waiting and watching the ash collect on the car, I realized that people coming in and out of the store were legitimately panicking. It was laughable at how people were reacting. People were running in and out of the store covering their mouths but completely oblivious to where they were running. People were driving like idiots so I witnessed at least three times where someone was almost hit by a car.

My favorite was a family who thought they were more important than anyone else so they drove up and parked right next to the front door, walked in to get their groceries and masks, leaving the car there to block the entrance so no one else could drop off or pick up their family. Brilliant.

Here's a few more pictures I took while I was waiting.

Here's a shot driving home of how bad the visibility was.

And then once we got home and got everyone inside, I went out and took some pictures around the house.

...and this poor moose in our backyard sucking in that delicious ash.

Be sure to click on these pics...I uploaded the full size so you can see what the ash really looks like.

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