Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hawaii Vaction - Part 5

Final installment of the Hawaii vacation...this might take me 3 hours to do but I am determined to finish this tonight.

So the next morning we went out for breakfast at an amazing place on the beach. Alyssa was having a blast but Katy really had a hard time calming down for some reasons. So during breakfast, I ended up walking her outside and chasing these pigeons. After breakfast, everyone joined us for some real fun. Several pictures in here up for "picture of the trip".

Here is one of my favorites of Alyssa.

My personal favorite from the entire trip.

One of Lisa's favorites.

Katy was having a real hard time with the wind. She was constantly clinging to Lisa and had to keep her hood on to keep the wind from blowing in her hair.

Lisa picking up Katy again.

And another one of my favorites...showing just how upset Katy was.

Katy struggling with the wind.

Our full day, we decided to drive up to Haleakala National Park. Only problem is it was in the clouds so we had to contend with some drizzle once we got to the top...a cool 10000 feet above sea level. First order of business, feed the girls in the back of the car.

Proof of the drizzle.

We were just patient enough for the sun to start breaking through once we drove up to the summit.

Lisa pointed out the rocks to the girls...before we knew it they were picking them up and flinging them.

And here is my personal favorite. I know it looks a little dangerous (which is why it is my favorite picture) but no babies were harmed in the making of this awesome picture.

Katy chucking a rock.

Another one of my personal favorites from the trip.

That evening, we enjoyed our last sunset in Hawaii.

I like taking pictures of pictures.

Katy playing with Terri's lip.

Me soaking up some scenery...and peace.

Our last day in Hawaii, go figure, the girls were finally...FINALLY okay with the sun, the wind, the waves, and the sand. It was a beautiful day...making it that much harder to pack up and come home that evening.

What an amazing place!

Lisa and I finally got a walk on the beach. It was funny when we walked away, we could hear the girls yelling "no no no no no". I don't think they liked us walking that close to the water.

Whew....the top of my head was a little red.

One more chance to soak up the sun...and a Longboard beer.

What an amazing AMAZING trip!! Thank you Dennis and Terri for funding our trip. We've been wanting to do this forever and can't wait to do it again!


Honey said...

Unbelieveable pictures! Thank you for sharing so many with us!

Anonymous said...

Your visit and the girls made this trip "priceless" for us. Aloha until we do it again!

Dad and Nana