Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sick baby.....

It breaks our heart when these girls aren't feeling 100%. You can just tell they don't feel right and don't know why. It usually involves lots of additional whining. The last couple of days Katy has been fighting a fever. Last night was the worst night we've had in months trying to get them to sleep. Katy couldn't calm down so we went in to make sure she didn't need a diaper change. Of course that woke up Alyssa and it was ON. Alyssa seemed very confused as to what was going on so it took quite a while to get her calm and to stay asleep. She's definitely entered the toddler phase with her voice...that girl can SCREAM!!

So tonight, Katy had a bit of a fever after dinner. We were going to do baths so while we were waiting for our dinner to finish up, we mentioned "bath" to the girls and started getting them ready. They both got SO excited. It was good enough that I had to take a video and share it tonight. Enjoy.

After the bath, bedtime went much better tonight. They went back to their normal fuss (not cry) for 5 minutes or so and have stayed asleep since. I'm hoping we've turned the corner and we'll get rid of that fever tomorrow.

All the new camera pictures are on the other computer so I'll just share a couple screen shots my friend took of me tonight while we were chatting. I thought it was pretty funny. We were talking about who-knows-what and he captured these images without me knowing and then shared later. It's definitely good for a laugh.

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Kara said...

Hope the twins are feeling better. The video was definitely funny. Hopefully there were no bumps on the head.