Monday, October 06, 2008


...and snow! This evening, we had our first measurable snow. I was working as the forecast went out and was there through the onset of Anchorage's first snow event of the season. side...if you don't know what I do, take a look at the profile. In addition to all that excitement, a couple of moose visited the office. So my friend and colleague, Sam, went out to launch the balloon...oh, you can read the whole story on his blog.

At any rate, he took some AWESOME pictures of the moose about 100 yards away from where I work. Since I didn't have my camera with me , I had to steal a couple of pictures from his blog to share on mine.

To clarify, the first picture is not of a moose. It is a rare photo of another indigenous hairy mammal in his *natural habitat*.

*natural habitat* - besides being a natural husband and father, this hairy mammal is most comfortable sitting in front of multiple computer screens monitoring and forecasting weather. In this photo, you can see the subject is observing radar echo returns of the first measurable snowfall in Anchorage proper...a rare and fascinating photo.


Sam said...

Fascinating indeed!!

Mom &/or Dad said...

This Sam agrees with the other Sam.

Dad (Sam)