Sunday, October 05, 2008

Okay...a few more pics from the old camera

We took a couple videos on the old camera last night that I wanted to share. One great feature of the D90 is it takes 720p quality video. I don't know why but we haven't used it yet. So last night when I wanted to take a couple videos, I reached for the old digital camera and took these gems.

I was taking videos of the girls dancing. I had taken a couple videos and had just shown Alyssa the video. I hit record to make another video and she started walking around me in circles. You can hear Lisa half way through when she realized that Allysa was trying to walk behind me to see the back of the camera. So when I realized this, I started showing her the screen and then showing her to get her reaction. I couldn't have scripted this better. It was all pretty funny.

Plus I found some more photos that we hadn't downloaded. I think it was last weekend, we took a couple bike rides with the girls. We are getting way too close to winter so we're trying to get outside as often as possible before it gets too cold or too much snow on the ground. We actually had some big snowflakes today...nothing stuck but another reminder that winter is very very close.

First, Alyssa for some reason really wanted to wear her sunglasses in the bathtub. I guess she's getting ready for Hawaii. Lisa snapped this while me and the girls were watching some football last Sunday morning.
Here's the 10.4 mile bike ride a couple weeks ago. The girls napped most of the way. What made the ride especially difficult is the hill at the end. I managed to make it all the way up without stopping, even though I was hauling an extra 75 pounds behind me.
We thought this tree was beautiful. It was very close to this area where Madison saw her first moose. The thought had crossed our mind to spread her ashed under this tree.
The girls seem pretty content at the end of the ride.

Last weekend we took another bike ride that was about 5.5 miles long. Half way through we had this view of Mt. McKinley and Mt. Foraker. Amazing!!

The second video. After we realized what was going on, we thought we'd try it one more time to see what would happen...another funn video!

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Lisa said...

WOW! Great pics and vids guys, I sure miss you and the girls. Hard to believe its snowing up there with all the warmth CO was having, and now I'm in California at the Chalk fire. I'll try to post some pictures from here later.
Hug all the girls for me!