Saturday, May 24, 2008

a reason to celebrate

After our big walk on Saturday, we threw our friends an engagement party! They are getting married in 2 weeks in Arizona so this was our chance to give them a party from the Alaska friends that can't make it.
Our friend Shaun hosted the party at his house. Lisa and I (mainly Lisa) did the decor and it came out great.
We ordered the plain white cake and Lisa put the flowers on herself. She did a great job.

Shaun is a big wine connoisseur. He provided an awesome spread of wine.
Bride to be (Lisa) kicking off the party.
Lots of outdoor games were played. Cornhole (or Bags...depending on your geographical preference) was a big hit.
What started as a perfect day was interrupted by an untimely rain shower...imagine that...a rain shower at an engagement party for a meteorologist thrown by meteorologists. HMM, go figure.
It didn't last too long and the games resumed.
This is a quality photo of my Lisa graciously losing a spirited game of Cornhole. I love my wife!
Chef Andy grilled up some FANTASTIC wings. It was the first time I'd used this recipe and they came out really good.
THe happy couple practicing for the big day.

I think it went well.
Happy couple.
And finally, one more game of Cornhole before we ran home to the babysitters. Lisa and I took on Sam and Ben. Funny how we lost even though Ben and Sam are both holding wine in their non-throwing hand!!
I blame Sam for the loss...he was making strange noises every time he threw the bean bag.

It was a thrill to throw them this party. We left a little early but it seemed like everyone had a great time. Thanks Shaun for letting us use your house.

The babysitters (3 ladies that Lisa worked with) did great with the girls. It sounded like things went smoothly. Only problem was we came home and there were 2 naked babies running around!!!

just kidding.

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