Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!

Mother's Day was a huge success. The girls got up early and made Lisa breakfast in bed. Then we cleaned the house while Lisa went out and got a massage. When she got home, the house was spotless and the babies were fed and taking a we decided, since the house was so clean and the girls were asleep, that WE would take a nap. For dinner, I made the mother of all dinners. When we had stuffed our faces to our hearts content, Lisa opened her presents and we looked at pictures of the girls from the last year. Afterward, the babies went to sleep without a peep and Lisa and I fell asleep on the couch together while we watched a romantic comedy. Pretty good day, eh?

So minus the massage and the house cleaning...and the nap...that was pretty close. It was a relaxing day and the girls were great. They seem to have gotten past their latest teething episode and are again sleeping through the night.

And let me tell you about these personalities. They are a hoot. Katy scrunches up her nose when she smiles and laughs...which is what that first picture is. Alyssa is having some toddler moments where she'll lay down and throw a mini temper tantrum but all in all, no complaints. They have plenty of sweet moments. They've learned how to kiss which is exactly just opening their mouth as wide as possible and leaning forward. They only seem to kiss right before a nap or bedtime so it's always very sweet to have them lean in and give us a big wet kiss. Yesterday, I was laying on the floor playing with Alyssa and she suddenly stopped and faced me. We laid on the floor looking at each other without blinking for a solid minute. That might not sound like a lot, but these girls just don't stop moving so it was very sweet that she was so calm and just looked at me for that long. They are both SO mobile now. Alyssa is doing most of her crawling up on all 4's and Katy is still commando crawling. She can still move just as fast.

They are both keeping us on our toes. They've discovered the fireplace so they are constantly trying to pull themselves up and into the dirty fireplace. It's forced us to really look into getting some doors...which apparently have to be special ordered?! That was news to us.

Alyssa has also said Dah Dah a couple times. It's more like, "Gooah, gooah, dah, dah." Not sure why gooah gooah has to be involved but when we hear her say that, it's usually followed by a quick dah dah.

Anyway...we're getting ready for our walk on Saturday and then a big engagement party that we are throwing for Ben and Lisa on Sunday. Gonna be a busy week. Thanks again to those of you who have donated! There's still time to donate if you haven't but we have to turn in our money on Friday so do it soon.

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Honey said...

Great pictures of a very happy Mom and her Babes! Lisa, I love the smiles on your face. Lucky Andy with 3 beauties in his home!!
Love, Mom --------------->
Aw shucks Andy, you're beautiful too!