Saturday, March 22, 2008


IT HURTS SO BAD!!! I can't take this. A&M was SO close to upsetting UCLA...SO CLOSE!!! We watched or listened to every game this year. I hate how I allow myself to get so emotionally involved in A&M sports. SPORTS!!! It doesn't matter if they win or lose. Why do I care!? Oh, make the pain go away!!!

Thank goodness I had the girls to keep me sane. I made sure I was holding a baby during the last few minutes of the game to insure that I didn't overreact...either way. So we'll regroup and see how far the girls b-ball team can get in their tourney.

So what other milestones have our girls reached? Besides all the new nutritious foods we're eating, our new teeth, and better sleeping skills, sitting up...we are now commando crawling like champs. Katy was the first to figure out how to use her arms to scoot forward but Alyssa was only a week behind or so. A few days later, they both just took off.

One night, I was in the kitchen cleaning up (or something) and I heard Lisa ask "are you going to go get your dad?" I turned around to see Alyssa had crawled all the way around the corner from the living room so she could see me...but that wasn't enough. She kept crawling into the kitchen until she was able to touch my feet. She was smiling and laughing the whole way. It was amazing. It was like a light switch just went on and she suddenly knew how to crawl.

They are still on their bellies using their arms to drag themselves forward but they've become very proficient at it. Alyssa will alternates arms. Katy just uses one arm over and over, but she's still pretty fast.

There's a story behind this last picture. She only did it this one day but Katy started sucking her top lip. We're assuming because she was teething. There about 30 minutes where she was crawling around making this face while she was sucking on her top lip. Pretty funny.

The video is mainly of Katy making her face. There's a quick shot of Alyssa getting her massage, then the last few seconds you get to see Katy making one of her first cammando crawls. It's small, I know. At the time, it was a big first.

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