Saturday, March 29, 2008

growing every day

EVERY DAY these girls are doing something new. Katy reached another milestone first a couple of days ago, she sat up on her own! She's been so close for a couple of weeks but 2 days ago we were in the kitchen and the girls followed us in, as they always do now. Lisa turned around and Katy was sitting up?! We knew neither one of us had set her down like that so she had to have done it on her own, we just didn't see how she did it. So we praised her and made a big deal about it but still kinda curious as to how she did it and if she'd repeat her small feat.

The next day answered that question. She sat up 4 more times yesterday...we didn't miss it this time. She's a pro at it now.

So yesterday was our monthly checkup with the doctor. It went really good. The girl's weights are...
Alyssa 17 lbs 2 ounces
Katy 16 lbs 3 ounces

It wasn't our normal doctor but she was very impressed and gave us the go-ahead to start adding protein to their diet. I'm not sure what else...the girls were their normal shy selves. They took her in for a while. Very serious faces and then by the end of the visit, they were all smiles...well until the needles came out. They get monthly Synagis Shot to protect against RSV. This is their second to last for this season. Apparently the season lasts a little bit longer up here in Alaska. They each screamed out but recovered very quickly. We were (including the nurses) very impressed with how fast they calmed down.

Like I mentioned before, the girls have discovered the kitchen floor. They love to follow us in the kitchen and scoot around our feet. We have some magnets that have pictures in them of family that they LOVE to get off the fridge and throw across the floor...and usually under the fridge. Here are some pictures of the kitchen antics.

And finally for the evening...a short video of the girls eating. Lisa took this last week during a particularly messy lunch.

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Honey said...

I want to be there!!!! The girls are getting so big. Andy, I have a picture of you wrinkling your nose like Katy's doing in the first picture. I will find it today; you look so much alike. I noticed there are two high chairs. 'Bout time that store got it in. I've checked the sight st least 100 times to see an update. THANK YOU for sharing new pictures. How about getting a video of Katy and her magical sit-up routine?
Much love, Mom