Monday, July 16, 2007

Today was a BIG day! It was the girls' first road trip. We drove about an hour down to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage, Alaska...home of some beautiful animals rehabilitating in an amazing setting. It's also home of some of the worst weather in Alaska. Today was an exception. It was gorgeous! It was a balmy 68 degrees with a slight breeze, making it actually a little chilly for the girls. They didn't seem to mind, as you'll see. I linked the center's website if you want to check it out. It's an amazing place.

Here are some pictures of the trip down. If you ever visit Alaska, this is the road you will most certainly drive on. It's minutes from Anchorage and quite beautiful. It is loaded with tour buses and rented rv's...and scenery...and wildlife.

First thing, get the girls in their bjorns. Second...find the animals.
a bald eagle
our favorite, the grizzly bear.
We parked the car next to the grizzlies and had lunch...including the girls. After Katy had her lunch, I held her and was telling her about all of the exciting things we had already seen today. She was really into my story.
Mom holding Katy...notice the bear inclosure and mountains in the background.
Then we drove a little further to show Mom some of the Kenai Peninsula that she hasn't seen yet.

...and then the drive back to Anchorage.
When we returned, we found a moose walking down our street. He followed us back to the house and walked right through our side yard. This is him next door. We think he was a 2 or 3 year old boy.
And our favorite picture from the trip. The new family of four hanging out in Alaska. It was an awesome day!


Kara said...

Very beautiful!!!! Congrats on your first road trip as a family. Glad you had a chance to get out of the house!!!

Amy and Dave said...

Lisa and Andy,

How exciting and wonderful for you to be able to take the girls on an adventure! Can't wait to get there--less than 6 weeks!