Friday, July 06, 2007

Why I haven't posted more often? There's no TIME!!! I think being parents of twins has finally kicked in. This whole experience seems to be revving up more and more every day. After the first week or so of the girls being home, Lisa asked me "is this what you thought it would be? Easier? Harder?" I had to answer that I thought it was easier than I thought it would be...meaning the girls were on a pretty good schedule. We got plenty of sleep and there wasn't too much crying going on.

If she were to ask me again, I would definitely have to change my answer. Now I'm thinking it's about what I expected...maybe a little worse. It is NOT easy!!!

The main problem is the girls' sleeping schedule. I've mentioned before that their awake time was between 10pm and 2am. You'd think with them being awake more and more during the day that it would have changed. Well it hasn't. It is amazing that they can have normal days where they eat, sleep, and have awake time but as soon as we do that last feeding and try to get a couple hours of sleep for ourselves...they just turn on a whole new gear. They will NOT go to sleep. It is now 2:45am and one finally is in the crib and sleeping. The other, Alyssa, is in the swing with eyes wide open.

They take turns being awake the longest and it has been very demanding on Lisa and I. I worked day shifts this past week and was up till at least 2:45am every night with Tuesday night being the worst...4am!! Thankfully Lisa let me sleep in this morning and catch up so I got almost 12 hours of sleep and am ready for another marathon tonight. Also, thank goodness, Katy is asleep which allows Lisa to get some sleep too. It is the most difficult when both are up and neither one of us can get any shut eye.


Cut to 16 hours later. It's now 8pm Friday evening. I ended up staying up with Alyssa until 5am. She just never wanted to lay down by herself. She would fall asleep but the second I would try and lay her down in the crib, she would wake right back up and SCREEEEAAAAM. Lisa woke up at 5 when she heard Alyssa crying and couldn't believe that I'd been up all night. By that time, Alyssa was hungry so Lisa took her and started feeding and I finally retired. It was a loooong night but we survived.

We're now getting ready for another night of....who know. Lisa and my mom spent the day watching a video and reading up on techniques to get newborns to sleep. We have some new ideas for tonight so hopefully it won't be so tough.

I don't know if I've said this lately...or at all....but I actually kinda get angry at people who have babies one a time. One baby would be SOOOOO easy!!!!

Again, not complaining....just venting a little. Wish us luck tonight. I will also try and post some pictures. Mom has been taking some great ones since she's been here. Here's one of .....actually I don't know (cause I didn't take it).


Amy said...

Lisa and Andy,

Have you tried swaddling? That's the only thing I can suggest. I know life must be extremely difficult right now...know that I'm thinking of you all and praying for you. Only about 6 weeks, and I'll be there!


Kara said...

I recommend watching a DVD called the Happiest Baby on the Block. There are so great techniques for calming babies.

Also, sometime last year, Oprah had a special on baby cues. It described how babies (up to 4-months) have virtually the same cries for hungry, sleep, gas, etc. After 4-months, the "cues" change, so it really isn't applicable.

Hope this helps.