Sunday, July 15, 2007

Baby pictures!!

With some help from our parents, we got a few of our baby pictures to share with the world. It's scary how much our girls look like Lisa. Imagine that.

Me. Yes I was 10 pounds, 1 ounce at birth.

not much has changed, eh?

So we've come a long way this past week. The video that we watched that has helped is something called the Dunston Baby Language. It helps you understand what the babies are saying or asking for. Sounds fishy, right? Actually it's pretty effective. We can definitely distinguish between a hungry, sleepy, burpy, or "lower wind" cry.

That means we can get them to sleep MUCH faster in the evenings. We're probably averaging getting in bed between 1-1:30am...which is maybe an hour better than last week.

My mom is staying an extra week to help out with this next string of night shifts. I'm working 5 in a row and we were a little nervous about Lisa tackling that on her own right now.

Tomorrow we're going to try our first trip out of town. We're going to go for a car ride down to the Kenai Peninsula. We think they're ready and we're getting a little stir crazy. We'll post those pictures tomorrow...or Tuesday.

Now for some more side by side photos. I'll let you guess who is who.

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Amy and Dave said...

Fun!!! My mom has a picture of me and a picture of Jacob at about the same age, and it's eerie because she's holding us in the exact same position and Jacob and I are both looking down and to the side.