Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Countdown to Move-Cation!

I really do miss blogging.  That may seem like an odd statement because I haven't posted anything since June!!  But I really do.  Facebook certainly makes things easy to share with family and friends, but the blog has always seemed more personal.  I think the family and friends that check the blog are more than one of our 200+ acqaintences that we have on fb...it's the people that really care about us and want to see what's really up with the Brown family.  On that note, we're back!

I put up the little survey on fb out of curiosity; to see who's interested in our blog.  But honestly I don't care if we get 2 likes.  I'm starting this up no matter how many likes I get.  It's time to bring the blog back!!

I've been going through our pictures ...because even though we've stopped blogging, we never stopped taking pictures!...and it looks like we need to pick up our Alaskan adventure a few months before we moved.  Lisa noticed that we never shared the pictures from the girls last day of pre-school.  So let's go back to May 15th.

The girls (and Lisa) made some great friends at pre-school.  When we shopped around for the right school way back when, it was the teachers that we met at New Horizons and the approach in the classroom that we fell in love with.  Little did we know the girls would thrive as much as they did.  What a great experience!!

Arriving one final time. Lots of emotion.

Ms. Nancy was Katy's teacher.  She is the PERFECT pre-school teacher...absolutely loves the kids and what she's doing.

And I think Katy reciprocated that feeling.

I showed this picture to Katy just now and she started crying.  She really does miss Ms. Nancy!

Equally FANTASTIC teacher is Ms. Stephanie.  

The class took care of some butterflies and released them on this last day.  The symbolism is too obvious to point out.  Made for an emotional few minutes.

 So the girls had a couple of little boys they really liked.  I didn't get a chance to volunteer during the year so this was my first chance to see the girls interacting with the boys that I had heard so much about.  I think this face says a lot.
 They lined up for a class picture.  I love how our girls got as close to their teachers as possible.  I think that speaks volumes about their character.  LOVE it!!

 I caught Katy sneaking in a hug with Ms. Nancy...
 and Ms. Nancy always the loving teacher
 Ms. Stephanie and her family decided to move to Oregon so the school was also saying goodbye to her.  There was talk about Lisa actually applying for a job...she loved volunteering there so much!  That would have been crazy to see how that would have played out if we stayed.
 Sneaking in more hugs.
 I love how fast the kids came in to look at the photos....

 One more GREAT teacher, Ms. Wendi.
 And then there's Blake.....   that's all I have to say about that.


Blake working his magic.  I can only imagine what he's saying.

Exciting times.  Thanks for stopping by and not giving up on the blog.  I hope to keep catching up so check back soon.


Dad said...

Glad you're back on the blog.

Andrew and Kendra said...

There are so many things I love about this post...Alyssa's face watching the butterflies, Blake and your meaningful silences about him that say so much (not to mention the "magic" photo), and that AMAZING photo of Lisa and girls at the end. SO much fun to read and "hear" your voice! I'm glad you're back!

Honey said...

YAY ANDY! So happy to have this to look forward to. You know soooo many people have missed it. Besides I didn't discover your writing talent until you started the blog. I think you have a gift and with the subject matter you have...you just can't go wrong. See you in January!!!