Thursday, June 21, 2012

yeah it's happening

Crazy couple of days.

Tons of progress but soooo may things to do over the next several weeks.  Actually, I just figured it out.  We have 51 days and 8 hours before we leave for Spokane!!

So here's a quick recap of what we've accomplished.  First thing first...I signed and returned all the paperwork so that our move can be approved!  Right now, we can't list the home or make any reservations until we have signed paperwork. The one reservation I was able to make was our transportation down to the lower 48.  I give you the Columbia!!
Nice, eh??  We will board the M/V Columbia in Haines, AK on August 13th and ride her all the way down to Bellingham, WA.  It's a 4 night cruise that takes us through the inside passage of southeast Alaska and western British Columbia.  Hard to believe the government will provide this transportation for us.  We'll take it!!

So the dates have been set.  We leave August 11th and arrive in Spokane Friday, August 17th.  The clock is ticking!

In the mean time, I have been in contact with realtors in both Spokane and here in Anchorage.  Our Spokane realtor sent us many, many listings in our price range.  Wow!  We are definitely in for a treat and some difficult decisions when we get serious about our new home.

So schools are absolutely the most important part of picking a place to live.  Lisa has been talking to friends and friends of friends.  I have been getting input from future co-workers and talking with the realtor...and I think we've narrowed it down to three different areas.  Now we just have to pick a place as soon as we can so the girls won't have to switch schools a month in.  One of our bigger fears...we arrive and haven't closed or offered on a house when the girls start school.  They start school and then several weeks or months later and we have to swap schools.  Have to do everything possible to avoid that!

Soo....that all comes down to pricing this house right to sell!!  That process started today with two realtors stopping by to give us their input, suggestions, and a price range.  There was certainly a clear winner for who will be getting our business.  In fact, if only the one guy showed up, I'd probably call USAA back and ask for someone else!  But the other lady is great...feel very comfortable with we're ready to go.  Again, can't sign any papers until my travel orders have been approved.  Hopefully that will be soon because both realtors agreed; get it on the market ASAP!!

I think we've come up with a reasonable price that will get the house sold pretty quick.  And we have also come up with a HUGE list of things we need to do before the house is open to the masses.  Oh boy.  Anybody want to come over and either help us with our projects or watch the girls so we can get some work done??

Scale 1-10, (1 being floating down the Kenai River without a care in the world and 10 is full on panic attack) the anxiety level is on the higher side but I have to leave plenty of room for the next 51 days.

We'll go with a 5.3

And now I start mid shifts tomorrow with the house possibly going on the market in about a week.  Maybe a 5.4......

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Dad said...

What a treat!!!!!! A little anxiety is okay; it keeps the adrenaline pumping, but know that you have a "safety net" that will not fail you. God didn't bring you this far to leave you; He didn't lift you up to let you down. He has a plan for you, for Lisa, for Alyssa, and for Katy. Follow Him and EVERYTHING will fall into place. Dad