Friday, March 26, 2010

blue ball olympics has RETURNED

Yes, you read that right...Blue Ball Olympics. It is an event created by a group of late 20 to early 30 year old kids (circa June 2006) who saw two giant blue ball as an opportunity. An opportunity to prove who could stay on top of the ball the longest. Only rule is: ride the ball all the way down. Never give up!

So here are some pictures of the original festivities (original blue ballers include Vanessa, Ben & Lisa, me & Lisa).

Notice the concentration.

Nice form Lisa.

I made an observation during this second round of the olympics. I thought maybe it was a fluke the first time but evidently not; side effects include screaming, laughing so hard that your cheeks hurt, and involuntary expulsion of flatulence.

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Ben said...

Priceless, how come Andy and Lisa didn't make the Olympic team this year? Seems like some pretty tough competition! I am doing that tonight when I get home!