Thursday, June 11, 2009


I went fishing at Ship Creek here in Anchorage for the third time this summer and came home with a BEAUTIFUL KING SALMON!!! Luckily Sam and Nate were there to share the moment with...and help me land it.

I took it over to a processing place and they are going to gut it, filet it, and vacuum seal it for me. I had them weigh it before I left...27 pounds!!! It put up a great fight. Sam got a couple pictures for me too.

AWESOME morning!


Dad said...

WOW!!!!! Congratulations. I AM impressed. Was catching a King a requirement to prove "real" Alaskan citizenship? Keep practicing so you can be a good teacher and guide when I come!

Honey said...

Andy, I am in awe! The pictures are terrific. Thank you Sam. That looks like some pretty good eating to me!! Wish I could be there to partake.

Christin said...

Freakin' awesome, Andy!

jhardin said...

Much larger than the tiny ones we caught ice fishing!