Sunday, June 21, 2009

a couple videos

Grilling fun. I grilled Lisa's salmon using a salmon rub, onions, lemons, and wrapping it in tin foil for about 15 minutes. MMMM-mmmm good! The other meat on there is an awesome pork chop for my dinner and some chicken for grilled chicken salad the next night.

This is just some good ole fashion topless 2 year old shenanigans.


Honey said...

Two comments:
1. I want that recipe made for me when I come to see you. The salmon looked delicious. Was it, Lisa??
2. Do not teach any child with the last name of Brown to hold or pull a finger. Very dangerous!! *hahaha*

Anonymous said...

Truly amazing how much the girls have grown and matured since Hawaii. Can't wait to see them in AK for Christmas.

Lisa said...

The shirtless shenanigans were the BEST!!! So fun! Makes me miss them so much :( Well, keep havin loads of fun with them for us. Love the background music too, absolutely LOVE that new album!

Miss you guys