Monday, July 21, 2008

WOW! We have cute babies!

We have been so fortunate with our healthy girls. The girls are both getting some more teeth which has resulted in a couple hard nights but overall they are spoiling us. They take great naps and 90% of the time, they sleep through the night. Not too bad.

The weather this summer is definitely not spoiling us. It has been a cool summer so far and we're just now getting close to our wet time of year...August. June and July have been cloudy and cool. We've only hit 70 degrees twice this year!! We still get out and go for bike rides though. The other day we saw a moose that must have wondered down to the trail from Denali Nat'l Park. Ok, not really...but he was HUGE! Definitely the biggest moose we've seen in Anchorage. Unfortunately we didn't have our camera so no proof but I'll be looking for him these next couple of days.

A few days ago we saw another first up on the hillside. The area is called Bear's about 15 or 20 minutes away. We drove up there on a rainy day to look for moose and we came across a LYNX!! It walked out on the street in front of us about 30 yards away. We couldn't believe our eyes. I would have been less surprised to see a bear but a LYNX!!??...that was awesome.

We've seen one other lynx when we went on a bear viewing trip in 2006 to Katmai Nat'l Park. We were able to take a quick picture as he/she slowly walked away from us like we didn't exist. The one we saw the other day looked exactly like this.

And some pictures of the babes I took today.

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Honey said...

Oh Andy and Lisa, more, more, MORE! That was so cute. We can't wait to see all of you!!