Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2 big bears

One of the girls favorite new tricks is called "the bear". Most of the time, all we have to say is "where's the bear?" or something similar and they both will show us. Even if they're upset, we can distract them with the bear. It's really funny to see them reluctantly bend over and stick their butt up in the air when they are still pouting as if they have no control over their response.

The first 3 our of Katy. We found her climbing up under the table. I got the camera out to get a quick picture and she crawled down and over to me as fast as she could. As you can tell in the last one, she was yelling the whole time. I think it was the excitement of getting caught doing something wrong.

Here are my big bears. The second picture, Alyssa is applauding her own upside down efforts.

And a video to boot. If you watch closely, you can see the two of them bonk heads and the delayed reaction from Katy while she figures out that it really hurt...then the reluctant bear.


Lisa said...

WOW! This one had me laughing out loud at work!!! Thanks for helping keep me awake on my last midshift. This I think is my new favorite movie of them, just might have to post it to our blog......f'in A cotton, f'in A!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are just darling. And so smart!

I was catching up on your blog today, and I see you are traveling soon. If you are headed my way and have a spare bit of time, I'd love to meet you. I think you have my contact info. If things are too busy, no worries! I'm sure you will be quite popular around these parts.

Laurie in OH

Honey said...

Hey, the video is no longer available. That's how I intended to start my day each day. I loved it; so, so cute. That Katie is a hoot. I'll try it on Dad the next time he gets grumpy!! Can't wait to see you in August!
Love, Mom

Sam said...

I agree with Lisa on this one. Great video. Bears... shaking babies... I am excited for what ever goodness the kiddos have next!

Thumbs up to the brown bears in your family.

Kara said...

At 22 months, my twins still like to crawl under tables. I can redirect them over and over again and they still go back. One of these days they'll get it. I can't believe how big your girls are getting. I am so glad that they are healthy!!