Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tonight is the night

Tonight is the night we begin our new routine. Lisa is doing their last feeding right now. First thing we are going to do different is let them stay up a little after this feeding instead of trying to put them straight to bed. This way we are hoping to get out some of that gas which will help them sleep better.

Then it's off to bed. I have my ipod standing by and Lisa has ear plugs. It's going to be rough but we're both going into this with a positive attitude.

The doctor gave us some reassurance that the girls are ready...there is nothing physiologically that should hold us back from letting them cry. Granted, we're not going full out on the Ferber method...more of a modified Ferber. But there is definitely going to be some crying tonight.

Our pediatrician also shared his story of his first boy and how he and his wife got through this phase. It was frightening but encouraging. We can do it.

So if you happen to check this tonight before you go to bed, say a prayer for us and our girls.

Here's a cute picture of Katy wearing my Texan's beanie.

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Amy said...

Andy and Lisa,

You CAN do it!!! And while it will be hard in the beginning, it will be oh-so-worth-it in the end to have your girls sleeping on their own! I know how difficult this phase can be, and the best thing is for the two of you to be there for each other! I hope the first night went OK. Call me if you need me!!