Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning

So we had an incredible Christmas. The girls got lots of fun stuff...too much to list. I will share some photos, though. I am so spoiled. I don't know how I lucked out and got sooo much good stuff.

These first photos are from Christmas Eve. We went next door and had a traditional Swedish Christmas Eve with meatballs, rice pudding, and uh....other stuff that I can't remember. Our neighbors are the only ones (outside of family) to have baby sat so they were wonderful with the girls. We got down on the floor and had a great time with everyone.

Christmas morning was so special. The girls just recently began sleeping with no restrictions in their crib. Katy can roll in all directions but she usually stays relatively in the same place at night...she just might roll up on her side. Alyssa can't roll from back to front so we were very surprised to walk in Christmas morning and find Alyssa upside down and crowding Katy.

We took over 100 pictures and a couple videos of the girls Christmas morning. I will post some of them the next couple of days. I did want to share a realization I had last night.

We were sitting down after the girls went to sleep and it was still snowing outside (we got 4.5 inches Christmas Day!) and looking at all of the pictures that we took during the day. About half way through the pictures I had one of those moments. I realized that 10 or 20 years from now we'll look at these pictures with our girls and we'll reminisce about their first Christmas. They'll say things like, "Wow, dad. Look how young you look." and "Look how much hair you had!" The same things I've said for years about pictures my parents have shown me from my first Christmas'. Well, not the hair comment but just seeing the young versions of my parents.

These are the pictures my girls will look back at for their entire lives.

I don't know why it hasn't hit me until just now. They're almost 9 months old but this was really the first time that it's sunk in.

I'm going to go take the dog for a walk in the snow and think about the meaning of life a little more. I hope everyone out there had as happy a Christmas as we did. We are certainly very fortunate. Our family and friends are those most giving and wonderful bunch of people in the world. Thank you everyone! We love you all!

More pics and videos to come soon.

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