Monday, October 15, 2007

We're still here!

...we've just had visitors for 3 weeks. Not complaining at all because we had a blast with everyone, we're just now getting settled back into a routine. And hopefully more blogging will be apart of that routine.

So let's play a little catch up. We've had 3 sets of visitors. The first week was Lisa's dad and step-mom, the second week was Lisa's mom, and then this past week was my parents. Honestly, we didn't get out much to see any of Alaska but they had all been here before and we know the real reason they came to visit us...the good cooking. Oh, and the girls!

On October 5th, the girls celebrated their 6 month birthday! We celebrated by going to the doctor and getting their shots. Again, it was heartbreaking to see them go from content little babies to screaming in an instant. It's almost as if they look at you with a face like, "why would you do that to me?!" But, they both calmed down within minutes and had no ill effects.

The pediatrician was completely impressed by their progress. He lights up every time we see him and this visit was no different. That reminds me...we had a followup visit a couple weeks ago with the physical therapists and it wasn't all good news like we had anticipated. I'll go into more detail on that another day but...the short version is Katy is lagging a little bit behind Alyssa, and Alyssa isn't even where they think she should be. The good news is they gave us lots of good advice that we are incorporating into our daily routine and we can see improvement already.

Milestones? They both are rolling over from front to back. Starting sometime last week, Alyssa figured out how to do this with relative ease so we can't keep her on her stomach for more than 30 seconds before she's flipped over. Katy has flipped over a few times (including once today) but still is trying to figure out how Alyssa does it so easily. She works at it every day though so I'm sure she's not far behind.

Laughing...our favorite. We heard our first laughs a day or so before Lisa's dad arrived. They are still few and far between but just last night and tonight, we had them both laughing pretty hard. I have a pretty funny video that I'll try to download.

At the doctor's office, we weighed them of course and here are their updated weights.

Alyssa.....13 pounds, 13.5 ounces
Kaitlyn....12 pounds, 9 ounces

Alyssa is noticeably bigger and has been for quite some time but I was actually surprised the difference is still over a pound. Katy's cheeks seem to be filling in, or I should say OUT. They are both perfectly healthy little babies. The doctor reassured us that they are both well within normal limits for their adjusted age. They are truly individuals and will grow and do things at their own pace.

And now for some pictures.

...just hanging out, doing some floor time.

Alyssa showing off her new found skills in rolling over.

This one...they look pretty identical to me. Just to show you the difference isn't that much.

They are doing this more and more...reaching out for each other and holding hands. Although yesterday, Katy reached out and found Alyssa's ear and gave it a good pull.

Alyssa showing off how well she can hold things up to her mouth. Katy isn't too far behind.

The whole family enjoying some floor time.

Alyssa working hard at rolling over.

Katy's very serious about her floor time.

Happy Alyssa.

Paw-Paw with Katy.

...and Alyssa.

We have SOOOO many more pictures to share. I was only going to post a few but wanted to include this one...and that get the point. Thank you for continuing to check for updates. Now that we're back into a routine, we will be better about sharing pics, videos, and stories. We love you all. Enjoy!

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Amy said...

Your girls are just gorgeous!!! I miss you all!