Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some more photos from this past week

I wanted to share some more photos from my M&D's trip. They were lucky enough to fly in on a gorgeous day...this was taken of College Fjord which is on the northern part of Prince William Sound.
A couple days later, a family of moose were spotted wondering around in our neighborhood. This one is a young male, we think about 2 years old.

The mom and 2 babies weren't far away. Here are the twins laying down after a nice snack.

Back to OUR twins. Here's Katy being viciously attacked by a mutant duck.

Mom (Honey) letting one of the girls take a nap in her arms.

We tell people a lot that there is a picture that would be very sweet if it wasn't so obscene...the girls will hold hands while they are both nursing. This picture was taken just after they finished nursing and had fallen asleep on Lisa.

And while I'm downloading a video, I'll give you a teaser for tomorrow's post. Lisa got some great photos on the girls' 6 month birthday.

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