Monday, September 03, 2007

We love company

My sister is here! Well, not here here but Alaska, here. My big sister arrived Saturday evening and ate up the girls. She immediately draped herself in babies and loved every minute of it. We used that night to plan their vacation and decided that Sunday-Tuesday would be the best time to go see Denali National Park so off they went. I believe the weather has been great for them up there so I'm sure they're enjoying themselves. The fall colors should also be peaking up there so I'm looking forward to see what pictures and stories they bring back with them.

The girls are doing what they do best...eating, sleeping, and well eating some more. Lisa took a video that I'm downloading right now and will post probably tomorrow morning. She's also been working with them a lot on the floor lately. Alyssa has caught back up with Miss Katy with her head control as you'll see. Alyssa has also become quite the little talker.

She will look us right in the eye and work so hard at making sounds. This is just in the past week where she has really taken off. It's not happening regularly enough to easily get a video but we'll try. It's pretty cute.

So here's some recent floor time with the girls. Sorry about the red-eye...their eyes are still very blue.

And here's one that will haunt the girls for a loooong time. There's actually a series of very funny pictures but...maybe a little too risque'.


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