Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Alyssa...Tarzan baby

We're having a blast with Lisa's dad and stepmom...who are visiting from Texas. It's been pretty relaxing being able to hand off babies and sit back every now and then. Especially since both girls were having a real hard time Saturday and Sunday nights. For the first time in more than a month, both girls could not stay asleep. It was a constant battle..up and down...up and down until around 3am, then they were both up just after 6 for good. BUT...last night they were down for the count at 10:30 and didn't stir until 8am. Not sure what happened but hopefully tonight will be more like last night.

So today was the first time we've really ventured out. Anchorage fall colors are peaking and it is GORGEOUS! We went up to our favorite hiking area and saw 5 enormous bull moose looking like they were going to fight. It was a spectacular view with fresh snow on the peaks, the yellow, reds, and greens on the mountain side, and the full view of Anchorage below us. I'll have to download those pics next and share.

Pictures. Here are the girls doing some floor time. They are both really thriving on the floor. Katy has flipped over from her front to her back twice and Alyssa has done it once. In this picture...the girls were facing each other and smiling at one another.

Just a cute moment this past week where Lisa was finished feeding and was holding both babies. I grabbed the camera to capture the cuteness.

Lisa's dad and stepmom enjoying the grandkids.

And Alyssa...Tarzan baby. Her latest vocalization sounds like Tarzan swinging from vine to vine. Once she gets going, it's pretty hilarious. This video was last night during dinner. The girls were doing great in their chairs while we ate but Alyssa was serenading us with her nature call. I tried to capture some of it with the camera.

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