Saturday, May 19, 2007

worrying parents

I'm sure all new parents go through what we're going through right now but ....that doesn't make it any easier.

We're struggling with all of those new parent questions. How long is too long between BMs? How do you ease gas pain? Even though we've had 5 weeks of training, we still can't seem to get good burps during and after feeding lending to the gas pains do we burp them better? How do you NOT worry about them spitting up in their sleep?

On that last one, Alyssa actually did last night and did what she's supposed to and turn her head to the side so she wouldn't choke. It was still very disconcerting. I couldn't fall asleep (yeah, at 3am) and heard her cough and give a quick cry on the baby monitor. I jumped up pretty fast and by the time I got in there, she was quiet again and going back to sleep.

So maybe that's just what parents do, worry. You worry about them getting enough food. You stress when they choke on their food (and no they haven't really got the whole suck/swallow/breath thing down but they're getting better). You second guess your decision to let them sleep an extra hour instead of feeding them on their schedule.

That's the stressful part of it. Of course every parent knows the other side too. The cooing and the big beautiful eyes looking up at you. I'm telling you, I LOVE that 5 or 10 minutes before they eat when I hold the girls in my lap and we talk and talk and talk. We usually listen to Sirius music channel 6086, Classical Favorites so there's singing going on. Today we talked about Texas A&M baseball and how important it was that we win today against tu. It didn't help, the good guys ran out of time. We'll get'em tomorrow.

Another question some have asked us is how is Madison? Our dog, Madison had some issues around the time the girls were born. Those issues resolved themselves...I guess. She is feeling better but this last week has really tested our patience. She isn't doing anything that would hurt the girls but she is having some real anxiety about our new family members. Especially when we're feeding and both our hands are full, she suddenly thinks that she needs to be the center of attention and will whine and beg. Whether it was years and years of allowing her to get away with too much or just the husky in her (extremely stubborn), it is wearing me down. We may have to do something drastic in the next month or so if she doesn't calm down.

She truly is a loving dog but MAN is she stubborn! We'll figure it out. This is one of her good moments.

Tuesday we went in for our first appointment with our pediatrician. It went very well except Ms. Kaitlyn's lunch didn't exactly agree with her. I had just finished commenting on how clean and nice my pants were. A couple minutes later, I was burping Katy and she blew. It wasn't a cute little spit up, this was a full on vomit...all over my pants. First of many, I know.

Anyway, this was our first chance to use our stroller that we received from one of Lisa's schools. It is SWEEEEEET! I'm posing (notice I'm sucking in) on top of the car garage at the hospital with the beautiful Chugach Mountains in the background.


Anonymous said...

I doubt we'll ever stop worrying. However, it's a different kind of worry with infants, and I feel for you. It's tough, the first year with twins! But as you said, worth it many times over.

My twins got contact lenses yesterday, and I was up worrying about THAT for an hour last night. When they were infants, the worry was "do their eyes even work?", which kept me up for more than an hour, I'm sure.

I'd always wanted a husky until I heard how stubborn they can be. We ended up with a Keeshond. Same fur, much easier for me to train. :) Good luck with your doggie...I hope she comes around soon.

Wow....mountains. How cool! Not too many of those in nice, flat Ohio. What a beautiful view.


Kara said...

I can relate to worrying about spitting up. All I can say is it does get easier. Something that eased my fears was getting a wedge to put under the mattress. It kept my girls at an angle so I didn't worry as much about spitting up and sleeping. Another device I love is the anglecare sensor. It goes under the mattress and alarms if it doesn't detect movement. I still use it and my girls are 8-months.

Sounds like you are adjusting well to life with twins. Thank you for the frequent updates.


Amy said...

Lisa and Andy,

Dave and I also used the AngelCare Monitor with the sensor pad...awesome product! If you want to prop up the mattress, you can roll up some towels or blankets and put that under the mattress...we've done that before when Jacob was really congested and had a hard time breathing.

About spitting up...Jacob seemed to spit up everything he ate...however he was gaining weight steadily and wasn't crying when he was doing it, so the pediatrician told us not to worry...basically his little flapper (yes, that's a medical term if you were wondering--haha) that closes over the esophagus wasn't strong enough yet to stay put when it needed to. He grew out of it...but it sure was stressful and frustrating when he did it. I always worried too that he wasn't getting enough to eat.

About of the things I've read over and over again is that new parents should try as best they can to pay attention to the family pet whenever the baby (or babies in your case) is around...I know, easier said than done when you have two babies. This way, the pet learns to associate good thoughts with the babies.

Well, that's enough advice from me for one night! Gotta wrap presents for Jacob's birthday...I can't believe he's going to be two!!!