Saturday, May 12, 2007


I am posting from the hospital...for the last time!!! The girls are expected to be discharged tomorrow (Sunday). The doctor came and talked to us this morning about changing from a scheduled feeding to allowing them to decide when it was time to eat (as long as they still eat at least once every 4 hours and get 190 ml in 12 hours). Well we met all those goals (barely) and are now responsible for their care for 24 hours.

We took the girls off their monitors, which I have to admit is a little scary, and wheeled them into our bedroom next door. The nurse is available if we have any problems but we are expected to...well you know, be the parents. In the last week since we had this room, Lisa was feeding at least one of them for 6 out of their 8 feedings during the day/night. The only two she would allow herself to sleep through and let the nurse take over were the 3am and 6am feedings. I have been here for at least 5 of the feedings, only going home to take care of the dog. So it shouldn't be that much more of a stretch to add these two night feedings....yeeeeaaah right. This should be fun.

Whether it was incredible foresight, planning, or just plain luck...Lisa's mom is arriving in 2 hours. I'm going to go pick her up, leaving Lisa alone with the girls for an hour or so...YIKES! We are about to feed them so hopefully that will wear them out.

And then we will be home tomorrow. The plan is to have a bath and feed them so they'll be exhausted and sleep through their first ride in a car. So tomorrow night I'll be posting from home with the baby girls right in front of me!

We are SOO excited...and a little nervous of course. Feel free to call whenever, I'm sure somebody will be awake at all times of the day or night. HA!

Happy Mothers Day!!


christin said...

Congratulations Andy and Lisa- I'm so excited that you are able to take those babes home! This will certainly be a mother's day that Lisa will never forget. Enjoy the ride home and walking through the front door with your new little residents. There is something incredibly special about bringing them home the very first time. Please give them big kisses from their Aunt Christin. Lisa, Happy Mother's Day.

Kara said...

What a great Mother's Day gift. Congratulations on your girls coming home!!

Amy said...

CONGRATULATIONS--how exciting!!!!!! And of course scary too, but you are going to do GREAT! What an absolutely perfect Mother's Day present! I'll call soon!