Saturday, January 06, 2007

We're HOME!!!

We finally made it home early Friday morning after 3 days of travelling. We left Garmisch on Tuesday and took the train to Munich. After an overnight stay at a nice hotel near the airport, we left around noon for a 9.5 hour flight to Philadelphia. We couldn't get a connecting flight out of Philly that same evening so we stayed overnight in Philly and left Thursday afternoon for the last 2 flights back to Anchorage. They were each 5 hours long and proved to be more exhausting the than the initial pond crosser. Luckily we were able to use miles to upgrade to first class on the last two legs but even so, we were both VERY anxious to get off the plane.

This first picture is the sunrise on our last day travelling from our hotel room in Philly. Obviously, our clocks were a little messed up so we were up a little early.

Before we got on the plane, we found an AWESOME Philly cheesesteak place down the street from the hotel. It was perfect. Here is Lisa washing down her cheesesteak with some water (I haven't seen her eat that much since we found out she was pregnant) with some of the decor in the background. The article on the wall behind her was about how President Bush and his entourage ordered 80 cheesesteaks a couple years ago while there were visiting the city. There was a signed picture on the wall from the crew of Air Force One.

Home...we knew it had snowed while we were gone but wow were we surprised to see just how much. Our next door neighbor kept our driveway shoveled but left the snow on top of the Bronco to show us how much it had snowed. I'm still in shock. The road back to our house is one lane because the snow is stacked up so high on each side. Our deck had more than 2 feet of snow stacked up so I got a little worried about the weight and shoveled some off. Madison ventured out into it but didn't like it too much.

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Amy said...

Lisa and Andy and Twin Browns,

Yay! I'm so glad you're home safe and sound! Only about 5 weeks until I get to see you! :)