Monday, January 22, 2007

Jan 19th baby checkup

Sorry all you faithful readers, it's been a while....

Lisa had her last checkup on Friday and it was a good one. This is the appointment that most pregnant women look forward to because it's the first time they get to see their baby for 45 minutes while they do all their measurements. We are spoiled because twins require one of the apppointments every month so this is the third time we've seen the 3d pictures and we get 45 minutes PER BABY...but this was the "scheduled" 20 week checkup. We are so spoiled with these twins.

Lisa's mom was also in town so she was able to accompany us and see her grandbabies in action for the first time. They put on a great show. Both were very active to the point where we thought they were fighting. There was a lot of squirming, punching, kicking, and dancing. These are going to be fun babies.

The doc printed out 14 pictures for us.....14!!!!! Here are a few.

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