Friday, February 01, 2013

Ohio vacation continued with.... SCIENCE!!!

We pick up our 2012 summer vacation in Dayton on a fun afternoon trip to the Boonshoft Museum.  It's a kids science discovery museum in Dayton.  I don't remember this being there when Lisa and I were growing up...then again maybe we were too old???  Either way, it was a great idea and a huge hit with the girls.

In the first few minutes while we were there, we lucked into a private tour of their telescope!  The girls were VERY impressed...stood there perfectly quiet and still and listened the whole time. 

 I played the part of the weird dad walking around taking pictures.

 Then it was time for some hands on exploring!  I'm not sure....but I'm thinking Katy's technique might need some tweaking.
 Yeah...that can't be right.
 Time to play with the water!  They had a really neat canal, some waterfalls, hydro powered tools...all very cool stuff.

Alyssa; the scientist.  Apparently science is very serious business.

 It was actually a bit over-crowded until about lunch time, and then all of the school groups left and we had the whole place to ourselves!  The girls (and Lisa) climbed up this rope ladder several times to come down the slide.  It was hard work...but well worth it!
 You can imagine the screams of joy echoing through the entire museum as they slid out of control down the 3 story slide.

 My favorite part of the day...going into the planetarium with maybe 5 other people.  I think this was the girls first planetarium.  They were blown away by the stars!  No, there isn't anything wrong with the was just that shade of blue before the show started.

So only a few posts so far in 2013.  Slowly...slowly getting back into it.  Thankfully my buddy, Lisa Kriederman, is resurrecting her blog so now I'll have a little extra motivation to keep up!

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Anonymous said...

We'll have to get you,Lisa and the girls to the brand new Perot Museum in Dallas - check it out on google.

Grandpa and nana