Sunday, March 11, 2012

Summer Vacation Week 1 (part 2)

Well it's taken me a bit longer to get to the next post but here is the second half of week 1. We pick up on Tuesday evening after an awesome day at Sea World, we find Katy and Sydney talking about what they're going to do next. Watch out world.
They decided on the Safari Park. Great choice ladies!
We were all very impressed with the setting. It was the longest drive of the vacation but it was worth it. Awesome animals in a great environment.
What next K?
Back flip???
I think he stuck the landing.
ok, I'm impressed.
So we show up to the lion enclosure and find a huge sleeping lion. I get Alyssa to pretend to tickle its paws that were up against the glass and this happens...
I was trying to act cool...but it actually had my heart going pretty fast. That thing was huge!
Lucky enough to see a baby cheetah walking through the park.
Have I mentioned yet that at least once every day of the vacation (except for one!), the girls had a meltdown. At some point in the day, one or both of the girls would get upset about something and have to whine/cry it out. This was Katy's time.
Lisa showing some compassion.
I love this picture.
I have no idea how nobody ended up in the water. Well done Amy! That really is amazing!
Another favorite closeup of a duck.
Next day, we checked out Legoland!! WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
Awesome sequence of photos. I took the girls by myself at I'm smiling for the photo-op.
Then I immediately tell Lisa (in my own special way) that this was not worth coming back for another ride.
Time for the girls to drive!
Highlight picture of the entire trip. They LOVED driving those cars.
Amy and family soaking the other pirates.
Oh you're so evil!
I have to admit that the miniature cities were amazing! DC, London, New Orleans, New York, was all incredible!
I think on Thursday we went back to Legoland for a day at their water park...sorry, no pictures of that! On Friday, we went to Seaport Village near downtown San Diego and enjoyed the shops, restaurants, and other tourist traps. The girls had been obsessed with macaws the whole trip...or as they called them "rainbow macaws". So we found this guy with several macaws but of course they were scared to death. Lisa had to take one for the team.
Great first week of our vacation!!! Thank you Pekalas and Granny for an amazing week!!

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