Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I'm on a boat!!!

I think I've used that title before. Ah... doesn't matter. I don't think anybody got it the first time. MAYBE Sam...but that's about it.

So in an effort to start catching up, let me share some pictures from this past weekend. I worked at the NOAA booth at the annual Anchorage Boat Show on Sunday. It was a nice experience...mainly because I spent 8 hours chatting with an agent from the NOAA Office of Law Enforcement. This guy had some GREAT stories!! Plus, Lisa and the girls came up to see me. I took a break and we let the girls check out some of the boats. It was a good time.

Yes that says $123,000.

My view from my booth.

Random funny picture. This moose was hanging out the other day behind the office. I thought it would be funny if we incorporated the moose as a part of the training for interns....add it into the forecaster development program. I think it's only fitting that if you're going to measure rain/snow in Alaska, you have to run the gauntlet!

Random pics of cute kids today. My brother sent this picture today of his son, Tyler. Tyler was WORKING THAT CUPCAKE!!!

And the saddest thing you'll ever see. Katy spent half the night throwing up last night. No idea what happened but she was up from 11:30-1 and then again from 4-5:30. Rough night all the way around. She's feeling better today thanks to a little nap in the afternoon.

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Audra said...

Katy looks like a little angel!