Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sledding with the girls

So far, we had only sled in our side yard. This morning, we took the girls to a little hill. They loved it! It hasn't snowed in a couple of weeks so the snow was pretty packed and fast. We had to start half way down the hill. I tried by myself a couple times from the top and wiped out BIGTIME. Sorry, no pictures or videos of that.

Gearing up.

The epic climb to the top of Mount Little Hill.

High fives all around after a successful run.

Lisa and Alyssa catching some air.

Gearing down.

Katy and I catch a little air on this one.

We stopped by for a laser car wash on the way home. Katy said "My no like it" the whole time. I took a quick picture. Katy looks pretty freaked out and Alyssa looks...unimpressed.

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Honey said...

My LIKE IT!!! Thanks for the pictures and especially the videos. I loved the giggles!